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Electricity for your company

Our professional approach to Customers’ needs and requirements made us implement the offer for energy. Cheap energy is a product directed to business in Poland. Every customer is equally important to us therefore we adopted principles which are crucial in choosing proper solutions.

clear principles

Clear principles

  • We guarantee clear and transparent agreement conditions.
  • We enable the agreement conclusion for a flexible period of time.
  • We assure that energy customer change is an easy, safe, and free of charge process.
clear principles

Business solutions

  • We offer solutions including individual profile of energy use.
  • We enable to settle the real consumption which helps you to control energy costs in your Company.
  • We provide full commercial service and consulting regarding effective energy consumption.
clear principles

Safety guarantee

  • We have a stable capital that allows us to fulfill commitments.
  • We have all necessary exemptions and licences.
  • We base on rich experience of VNG AG, an international concern.
clear principles

What does your company get?

  • Savings which can be allocated to business development.
  • Professional service - a dedicated adviser who will answer all problematic questions.
  • Cheaper energy from the company with many years of experience.

HANDEN aims its services at entrepreneurs, offering low-priced electricity for companies. This is a solution for everyone who wants to save money and avoid placing a burden on their business’s budget. In response to our customers’ expectations, we offer the best priced electricity for companies. This solution allows us to calculate the real amount of power consumed and allows you to better manage the electricity-related expenses incurred by your business.

Electricity – Corporate offer

We provide our customers with suggestions of methods that take into account their individual power consumption profiles. This makes it possible to plan power supplies more efficiently in order to reduce costs. We offer low-priced electricity for customers all throughout the country. We treat every customer individually and do our best to select the optimal solutions in order to satisfy their needs as much as we can.

Our corporate offer with respect to electricity is extensive. It features account management, advisory services regarding efficient electricity consumption and flexible terms and conditions of the partnership, adapted to our customers’ individual needs. Professional service and advisors dedicated specifically to the customers are among the additional bonuses of choosing HANDEN.

Best priced electricity for enterprises

Expenses for electricity can take up much of the funds devoted to maintaining the workplace operational. HANDEN’s offer is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises who are looking for some savings. High electricity costs can have a negative impact on an enterprise’s liquidity and can lower their profitability. That is when it is time to think about changing suppliers. Changing suppliers is easy and safe. It requires no additional costs and can done any time you want. Do not wait! Check our offer and choose HANDEN as your partner. VNG, our parent company, has many years of experience in delivering low-priced electricity to companies. Now you can use your savings to develop your own business! Low-priced electricity for companies from HANDEN

We want to help you in making the operations of your business more efficient. That is why we offer best priced electricity for enterprises. Electricity is essential to the operations of various enterprises, regardless of their scope. For everything to work right, you need power. We supply power to companies at a low price, with small and medium-sized enterprises as our target customer group. We have been specialising in providing services to such enterprises for many years. Throughout this time, we have developed a useful partnership system. We will provide you with accurate advice, services tailored to your needs, and specialists available throughout the duration of our partnership. There are a number of companies which agree that we are a trusted and reliable provider of energy-related services. With respect to electricity, the corporate offer is prepared by trained specialists who consult our customers so as to learn about their specific needs. We want to know your expectations so that we can satisfy them, and so that we can satisfy you with the services we provide.

Best priced electricity for companies is not just a slogan. It is a motto which guides us in our endeavours. We have become leaders in the energy industry solely through hard work, which has translated into the dynamic development of our company. We have achieved considerable success – we supply low-priced electricity to companies throughout the whole country. We know how much effort it has cost us to achieve all this, and we want to ensure you are off to a great start on your own path towards success. We will help optimise electricity consumption and increase your energy efficiency. The benefits are aplenty. If low-priced electricity for companies is something for you, choose HANDEN. We will make use of our experience and comprehensive skills to help you build a great future for your business. With HANDEN as your partner, power supply is quick, safe and continuous. Trust us – we want to give you the best of all possible solutions.

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