Electricity for your business

We offer electricity for businesses across Poland. For us, every Customer matters. This is why we have adopted a set of standards for tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Solutions tailored
to your needs

We offer solutions that take account of your individual energy consumption profile.

Billing actual energy consumption allows you to control the costs of electricity in your business.

We provide sales consulting and advice on efficient use of energy.

Transparent terms

We apply clear and transparent terms of contract.

The length of contract is flexible to suit your needs.

We ensure an easy, safe and completely cost-free change of electricity vendor.

Safety guarantee

Our stable capital ensures that all obligations are met.

We hold all required licenses and permits.

Our foundation is the extensive experience of the international group VNG AG.

Profit for your business

We ensure cost savings, allowing your business to grow.

Professional customer service with a dedicated consultant to answer any questions you might have.

Cheaper electricity from a provider with lengthy experience.

– corporate offer

Electricity for Businesses is a well thought-out proposal optimised to fit your specific business profile. We support our Customers’ businesses by providing competitively priced electricity and generating savings, which they can use to grow. As a trusted supplier of electricity for businesses, we make sure that every contract you conclude with us is transparent and flexible. Every Customer using our Electricity for Businesses offer can enjoy safety, convenience, full sales support and advice on efficient use of energy in their business.


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