HANDEN is an active participant in Polish and European commodity exchanges in the field of gas and electricity.

As an energy trading company, we operate as a member of three energy exchanges, which provide us with access to gas fuel and electricity at the best wholesale prices:

  • Towarowa Giełda Energii (TGE)/ Polish Power Exchange
  • European Energy Exchange (EEX) AG.
  • UAB GET Baltic (GB)

Direct access to exchanges ensures HANDEN continuity and security of supply. HANDEN is also active in the OTC market, where it conducts bilateral transactions mainly based on framework agreements, preferring the international standard of the EFET agreement.
Thanks to a well-developed risk policy, HANDEN cooperates only with well-known and proven suppliers of gas fuel, and electricity.


HANDEN not only supplies gas fuel or electricity to end customers, but also actively trades on commodity exchanges.

Due to our wide access to the purchase and sale of gas fuel and electricity, we are present in the following markets:

  • Bilateral contract market
  • Stock market (spot, intraday, futures)
  • Balancing market

HANDEN continues to follow the strategy of previous years, focusing all resources on wholesale trading and providing gas fuel to large business customers. Our entity represents VNG AG and EnBWin Poland.

Gas for businesses

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are one of the leading suppliers of gas to companies.

  • We have the second-largest gas distribution network in Poland.
  • We are among the TOP 3 sales companies in Poland regarding volume of natural gas sold to customers (to residentials and to large industrials).
  • We are active in the biggest European hubs and markets bordering with Poland in natural gas & power.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are one of the leading suppliers of gas to companies. Thanks to our cooperation with international companies, we can offer your company comprehensive gas solutions at competitive prices, regardless of the type of business.

In 2022, the net profit exceeded PLN 37 million

In 2022, HANDEN generated a gross turnover of close to PLN 5.5 billion and a volume of more than 11 TWh. (gas and electricity).

The company recorded profit from operational activities at the level of PLN 47.8 million, which represents an increase compared to 2021 by PLN 33.1 million, while the net profit in 2022 amounted to more than PLN 37.2 million – an increase in PLN 8.1 million compared with 2021.

Our mission

We seek to supply gas for businesses in a safe way and on advantageous terms.

As a supplier of gas for businesses, our mission can be summarised in four simple assumptions:

We supply gas to enterprises across Poland
We guarantee safe supplies of gas
We offer advantageous cooperation on clear terms
We draw on the lengthy experience on the natural gas market of the HANDEN Group which is embedded in the VNG capital group . We focus on convenience and optimal solutions.

Market experience

We have been operating on the natural gas market since 2007, but we have been developing our competence for much longer. We build on over 30 years of experience of G.EN. GAZ ENERGIA (a HANDEN group member) and use the knowledge of VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH.

Since 2016, we have also been sharing experience with EnBW, a company specialising in the generation of and trade in electricity, gas and renewable energy.

In 2007 HANDEN was the first independent trader in Poland to import gas from abroad through the gas transmission pipeline network. Since then the company imports gas to Poland on a regular basis and is expanding its activities to new additional interconnectors.



Falko Thormeier

President of the Management Board

A business graduate (Diplomkaufmann) of Universität Leipzig.

He started his professional career at Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft (VNG AG). Currently, at VNG Handel & Vertrieb GmbH he holds the functionof the Manager for the VNG business in Poland. Since 2009 Falko Thormeier is the President of the Management Board of HANDEN Sp. z o.o. In 2015, he became President of the Management Board of G.EN. GAZ ENERGIA Sp. z o.o.


Lilla Grzelińska

Member of the Management Board

A graduate of the Europaeischen Wirtschaftschochschule EAP Berlin (MBA), and University of Szczecin, Faculty of Economics. She also completed postgraduate studies at the Poznań University of Economics in the field of International Management.

Working in G.EN GAZ ENERGIA Sp. z o.o. since 2006, she has been head of financial department.

Since November 2022, she has been a Member of the Management Board of two entities: Handen and G.EN GAZ ENERGIA Sp. z o.o. 


Establishment of HANDEN (G.EN. Trading), with the purpose of trading in natural gas in Poland and abroad
HANDEN becomes the first independent trader in Poland to import gas from abroad through the transmission pipe line network
Addition of an Electrical Energy offer
Expansion of the capital group, including purchase of the local natural gas distribution network
We exceeded a billion PLN turnover
Starting operations in Lithuania and Denmark by joining the GET Baltic Exchange.
Joining the European Energy Exchange and launching trading operations in Latvia and Slovakia.

Licenses and legal regulations

HANDEN is a trustworthy partner and meets all regulatory requirements of the Polish electricity and natural gas market

Gas fuel

  1. License for Trade in Gas Fuel valid until 10 July 2028 (Decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office of 24 February 2016).
  2. License for Trade in Gas Fuel Abroad: By way of Decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office of 27 February 2016 (as amended), the Company received a license valid until 31 December 2025.
  3. Transmission agreement with OGP Gaz-System S.A.: Agreement concluded on 3 December 2012 with the Transmission System Operator (TSO) for the transfer of natural gas and the balancing of the participants of the Polish gas market.
  4. Distribution agreement with Polska Spółka Gazownictwa S.A.: Agreement concluded on 18 February 2014 with the Distribution System Operator (DSO) for the distribution of natural gas to end customers located in the Polish gas system.


  1. Transmission agreement with the company Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne concluded on November 24, 2015 enabling the transmission of electricity and self-balancing of the company on the Polish electricity market
  2. Licence for Trade in Electricity valid until 31st of December  2030 (Decision of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office of 30 March 2015).

Tax strategy

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