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Double safety

Clear terms of cooperation and gas supplies guarantee
from a company with many years of experience.

Trust the professionals

Establish a partnership with the best professionals
on the natural gas market and use their experience.

Supply and sale of natural gas

We cater for each customer on a case-by-case basis, preparing our quotations based on four essential principles.

Clear rules

Clear rules

  • Drafting contracts to be easy for you to understand.
  • Using simple, tried-and-tested solutions.
  • Guaranteeing clear methods of settlement.
Clear rules

Flexible solutions

  • Offering a variety of gas supplies.
  • Creating offers after consulting you.
  • Providing your company with optimal solutions.
Clear rules

Safety guarantee

  • Maintaining stable capital to ensure the fulfilment of all our liabilities.
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and licences.
  • Drawing on our wide experience in the gas trade and sales.
Clear rules

Supply continuity

  • Maintaining our own gas storage facilities in the capital group.
  • Continuously analysing the current state of affairs, so our specialists always react at the right moment.
  • Providing services irrespective of the situation on the gas market.

If you are running a small or medium-sized enterprise, the task of comprehensively managing your company and ensuring that it operates efficiently rests mostly with you. Nowadays everyone wants a piece of the pie. That is why conducting business in an appropriate manner is so important. What is also very important is making the right decisions in terms of their economic impact. Depending on the sector in which the company operates, it may require supplies of natural gas, essential to its operations or to some of its processes. HANDEN is a reliable and experienced natural gas distribution company, who you can conclude an agreement any time you need to. We have been providing our services to various kinds of companies for which natural gas is simply an advantageous and cost-effective solution. What sets us apart from other distribution companies is the fact that we treat each customer and care for their needs individually. Each of our offers is specially prepared for each customer, taking into account all of their expectations. It is of the utmost importance to us to maintain the highest level of professionalism and standards in our partnerships. Only in that way can we gain the complete trust of our customers. With our storage facilities and knowledge of the market, we can guarantee there will be no interruptions to our supplies of natural gas. Choosing the right natural gas distribution company is one of the key decisions businesses have to make. That is why it is imperative to choose a distribution company for which selling gas is not only work but also a mission of sorts. HANDEN ensures high-quality services, thanks to which the supplies are efficient and cost-effective for your company. The individual approach to all customers is not our only advantage. We also have a profound understanding of the global market, so we know the specifics of selling natural gas inside and out.

Sales of natural gas to companies – what factors influence the choice of the supplier?

We know that choosing the right natural gas supplier may be a problematic issue and that it can raise numerous questions. We design our services based on several significant factors and in response to our customers’ expectations. Most of all, we approach our duty to provide services to our customers comprehensively and professionally. We analyse how our customers’ companies operate. Thanks to this, we can suggest the best solutions, which are perfectly tailored to the specific nature of the customers’ businesses. We also make every effort to ensure that natural gas supplies are as cost-efficient for our customers as possible. We want our business relationships to be equally favourable with every customer, so we always aim to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves. Sales of natural gas are our specialty. We want the choice of the distribution company to be as easy for our customers as possible. We focus on their needs and want them to see the benefits of establishing a relationship with HANDEN. We want our sales of gas to be both efficient and beneficial for our customers, which is why all our agreements are drafted so that they are easy to understand, and our services are prepared with flexibility in mind. We can easily adapt the supplies to your needs and the specific nature of your business. With the proven solutions we have designed, we can prepare an offer that is tailored specifically to a given customer. Sales of natural gas is currently one of the flagship services of our company. We know very well how difficult it can be to run an enterprise, which is why we strive to make all our customers’ lives easier. Choosing the right distribution company is not easy. HANDEN is an ideal choice, which throughout the years has developed the supplies of natural gas for companies to perfection.

We have consistently proven that we are the leaders in gas supply. What makes us experts in this field is our flexible approach combined with comprehensive knowledge of gas sales. Our individual approach to every customer makes our relationships incredibly efficient. Our sales of natural gas are based upon four principles which guarantee transparency and help build trust in our relationship with the customer. We have all the documents and permits necessary for us to provide services as a natural gas distribution company.

We are known to be a reliable and proven distribution company, especially since we always meet the commitments we make. Regardless of the circumstances present in the sector, corporate customers can rest assured that our natural gas supplies will be uninterrupted. This is possible thanks to our own gas storage facilities within the capital group. Reliability is something which we, as a natural gas distribution company, value above everything else. We know very well that timely supplies of natural gas are essential to ensuring that your business operates smoothly. Stable capital and a great team of specialists allow us to immediately react to moments of crisis in the industry and ensure that our customers do not experience any lack of supplies. By deciding to work with us you opt for services, such as supplies of natural gas, that are provided with high standards and at a good price. We will take all of your needs into account when preparing the offer designed specifically for you, so as to optimise energy consumption in your business. Sales of natural gas to companies constitute one of the main areas of our business. We have significant experience in working with business customers, which is why you can expect professionalism on our part.

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